About Ingleton Middle School

Ingleton Middle School is an inclusive, inviting Middle School open to the general public. The School’s mission is to offer a unique experience that is unlike typical Primary or Secondary . The implementation and practice of calm, purposeful and collaborative work creates a safe and secure learning environment that fosters personal growth, self-esteem , learning and respect for one’s self and others.

The mission statement is carried out by celebrating differences and providing unique learning opportunities. The individual is at the core of the school’s focus and inclusion is the aim of the school.

The safe and secure learning environment is important to all members of the faculty and staff and students and staff work together to ensure a sense of security and community in each and every classroom. Safe and happy students are often those who are more productive and open to learning. Confidence and creativity are also at the top of Ingleton’s priority list as the school fosters a creative and collaborative approach to learning and teaching. The staff are well trained and each staff member aligns their teaching with the mission of the school. The curriculum is both challenging and practical, ensuring the most enriching learning and ensuring that children are well equipped for their future endeavours.

In addition to the school itself, Ingleton constantly reviews its practices and policies to ensure that the school is being held to the highest standards of education and quality. The school’s calling goes beyond education and Ingleton aims to be an active and productive member of the local community as well.