Discipline and Code of Conduct

codeconductStudents are both encouraged and expected to work together with their peers to resolve and address issues and conflicts in a peaceful, respectful and violent-free manner. The school places a strong focus on self-discipline as well as problem resolution. The school staff and faculty do their part to help make the school a safe place and parents play a role too as they are encouraged assist with the development and promotion of the school’s discipline and safety principles. To enhance these concepts, the school has a discipline policy in place which is available through the head teacher and online.

This policy outlines and emphasis the concept that children have a role and a right to learn and teachers reserve their right to teach and enforce. It follows then, that neither the student nor the teacher should interfere with the others rights or responsibilities The school promotes a high level of positive reinforcement and works alongside staff, faculty, parents and caregivers to ensure good behaviour.

In order to reinforce the concept of self-discipline, which we believe stems from a respect for authority, rules and others, every teacher and every classroom has a unique set of rules that students will be taught and expected to follow while part of this class. The staff are well trained and thus the rules are in place in ways that are helpful and productive and include the need for students to follow rules or raise their hand, silence when the teacher or another student is speaking or asking to leave the classroom.Obedience and respect of these rules is rewarded through verbal praise, reward systems, merit rewards and prizes. It is clear also that lack of obedience or respect will result in punishment and/or revoking of privileges.

Any students that are deemed a risk or threat to others will be addressed and handled appropriately, with the involvement of parents/guardians.