Important School Information

school_20informationIngleton prides itself on a sense of community and as such, takes great measures to create a warm and inviting atmosphere both in and out of the classroom. The school offers programs and services outside school hours. Events are planned by our School Council and Parent Associateion and these events are open to friends and family of the school. Some of these events may include fairs, book fairs and charity and fundraising events.

The school year is the standard 8 months in duration with breaks for holidays. There are several classes within the school. As a middle school, Ingleton does not offer nursery and elementary level classes but rather levels 6,7 and 8. The school follows a standard grading system and curriculum to ensure that students are on the right track and being properly prepared for their General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). The classes are not overly large in size to ensure that children receive a level of personalized education and that staff are attentive as opposed to overwhelmed. Our staff is also small, but well trained and highly capable.

Ingleton offers meal programs to help those students who may need it and who may need a nutritional boost. Along the same line, with healthy children in mind, the school offers sports and recreational activities to students. The diverse offering of sports is in place to attempt to ensure that there is some activity that appeals to every student. The school promotes a healthy lifestyle which is largely attributed to food and exercise. Staff and Faculty cannot control what goes on outside the classroom, however, does encourage parents to also promote healthy eating and

To keep up with what’s going on, continue to visit our website or read our regular newsletter which is available both online and is sent home with students.