Ingleton Middle School Curriculum

" End Of An Era " Ingleton Middle School closes its doors to education after 30 years .

Ingleton Middle School prides itself on holding and maintaining the respect and support of the County Inspectorate and advisory officers. The school has been consistently and regularly complimented for the quality of learning and material used in the school and provided to our pupils. It is important that parents, family and students all recognize and appreciate the curriculum and material used in the school. Below is an introduction to the school’s curriculum and offerings:


Reading, Writing and presentation skills will be the focus. Heavy emphasis on literacy, with increased difficulty as children enter higher years.


Math is a core subject taught to all students. The school works on ensuring that math is engaging and interactive for its students.


Science is another core subject. Students are introduced to various elements of the scientific world allowing them to learn and discover what they like as well as develop a deeper understanding of the scientific reasons for many things in their daily lives

Information Communication Technology

With technology as an increasing driver and force in our daily lives, children are taught how technology can be helpful and used in productive ways.


Students learn how to express themselves through different artistic mediums as well as how to appreciate art in its various forms.


Students will learn about where they live, where others live and about the location of different countries and continents and cities.


Students will develop a deep understanding and appreciation for their country as they are introduced to the nation’s history and understand how it came to be.

Modern Foreign Languages

Children are offered the opportunity to learn other languages and to learn about other cultures through language studies.


Students are invited to learn about music, the universal language, and to learn how they can express themselves through music and how others use music in their lives.

Physical Education

It is important that our students stay active and understand the importance of getting and staying active and healthy and empowering them with the tools to do so.