Internet and E-Safety

big_copyThe world wide web and internet are creeping into our daily lives-like it or not. This does not exclude our children and teens. This can be a good thing provided that children are taught how to properly use and act on the internet. Technology and the internet can be great educational resources, as it is a portal to a whole new world of knowledge, research and information across the world. It allows students to connect with their peers and with things and topics they enjoy.

Increased use and reliance on technology and the internet means that there is also an increased need for awareness surrounding internet safety measures. Interaction between peers, friends, family and people we don’t know is facilitated and complex through the internet and information is readily available with the click of a button, and as such it is important that children know their boundaries and limits.. Internet safety goes beyond simple warnings and firewalls. There are many ways and people who can help teach and equip students to use the internet as a tool and resource.

Firstly, children’s use should be monitored as overuse can lead to overexposure and is both unsafe and unhealthy. It is up to parents and teachers to set safe and fair boundaries for children to ensure their screen time is productive and monitored. The school does its part by limiting the time students are permitted to spend on the computers in a given day.

Children’s internet use should be monitored closely to ensure they remain on safe sites and are using the internet for a specific purpose. Communication should be done only with those they know and over safe and secure outlets/mediums. The knowledge and information that children find and use from the internet should be from credible and verified sources and sites to ensure accuracy, safety and security. This includes information and research for school projects and activities.

Ingleton, like many schools, takes internet safety seriously and has introduced an internet use and safety policy that is accessible to students, parents and staff.