Popular Education Games For Kids

”My kids love playing on the computer more than they love doing their homework”, sounds familiar right? What if there was a way to make sure that your kids get their computer time whilst also having the peace of mind that they’re actually learning something? Of course there are games that your kids can play, with or without you, that may not involve a computer but let’s be honest, isn’t the easiest and most fun way to do this involving a computer or a smartphone? Not only will you be able to choose what it is they play, but your kids might not even realise they’re playing an educational game.

shutterstock_130517294Educational Games are fun

If you happen to have an iPhone, the App Store will allow you to browse a selection of Educational Games giving you lots of options. App For Kids, for example, teaches your little ones all about words and items, such as Animals, Colours and Clothing. The App ‘Sparks Adventures’ is also a fun game, that offers brain games whilst being entertaining. If you’re looking for some computer based games, you should be able to find a good selection on learninggamesforkids.com or why not visit your local library and see what games they offer. For more information and ideas visit Schoolapply.co.in

Making Kids learn the fun way

Why not surprise the kids with a game console this year? They offer a variety of fun and educational games for them to play. Nintendo Phonics, for example, is a game that teaches kids to read whilst entertaining them with the likes of Thomas the Tank Engine and Winnie the Pooh. If you’re kids like drawing they’ll probably enjoy the Nintendo Game ‘Let’s Draw’! Not only is it a fun way to let kids do the colouring in, it’s also a good idea for when you’re travelling as you won’t have to carry pen and paper around with you.