The History Of Ingleton Middle School

Ingleton Middle School has always believed in offering students a unique experience. The school has always been known as a safe and secure place of learning. Students don’t only learn from the curriculum but other skills and characteristics are developed too such as self esteem, respect for one another and personal growth. The safe learning environment is looked upon as being most important for members of the faculty, and both staff and students work towards establishing a sense of community. The staff are well trained and the curriculum is challenging and practical. The school is always reviewing its practices to ensure they can continue with their high standard of education.

shutterstock_154155695Get Help with the Application Process

The Parent Teacher Association is important. They are behind the schools social and extra-curricular events. Its also the fund raising body for the school. The Association has already raised funds to help equip the school with the best resources and learning material. If this school sounds as though you might want to consider it, look at, where you’ll find out more details on the school and how they help with the application process too. Ingleton is a boarding school with 3 houses . The idea is to instill a sense of family and healthy competition between the 3 houses.

A Sense of Belonging

The school’s boarding facilities are spacious, friendly and hygienically clean. This extends to the appearance of the students too. They have a uniform and the students are taught to look after them carefully. It is this uniform which silently represents all that the school stands for. Boys wear black or dark grey trousers with navy blue sweatshirt with the schools name and a white polo shirt. Girls can choose between black or navy trousers or black or navy skirt with tights in the same colour. They also have the navy blue sweatshirt and white polo shirt – a uniform to wear with pride as it shows where they belong.