The Housing System

hgome_schoolIngleton is a boarding school which means that upon acceptance and arrival, students are placed in one of three houses . These houses include Ingleborough, Pen-y-ghent or Whernside. The student is assigned a house where they will remain for three years. The idea behind keeping the same house for three entire years is a level of consistency and a sense of community and family. By keeping students in the same groups, they make friends and develop strong relationships that will withstand the test of time. This does not mean, however, that there is no interaction between houses as events are held regularly to ensure friendly competition, interaction and fun amongst all students at all houses.

Sports are a big part of the housing system. Competition is encouraged as students remain on their teams with the hopes of beating their friends, peers and colleagues in other houses. The sports events are hosted regularly and depending on the season, sports vary throughout the year. Sports may include football, cricket and more unique and innovative sports as well. The students who are less athletic and sporty have nothing to worry about as these are simply friendly competitions but the school also offers other competitive outlets including quizzes, trivia, etc. The biggest and most well known quiz is the annual quiz which typically occurs on the last afternoon of the spring semester/term.

The actual houses are spatious yet friendly. The school maintains a high level of cleanliness to ensure students’ health and overall wellbeing. If there are issues, students are encouraged to contact the housing office in order to assist. The housing office will assist with everything from fixing broken taps to assisting in dealing with relocation and room issues. Students’ rooms and houses are well equipped and are a warm, welcoming, healthy environment for all.