The Parent Teacher Association

9421881_origThe Parent Teacher Association is at the core of the Ingleton community and the school is relies on the support of the PTA to plan and eexecute social/extra-curricular events, field trips and to be the voice and face of the school. This is also the fundraising body for the school to ensure e that children have adequate access to educational facilities, events, sports, and educational resources. The PTA hosts a variety of events and the hours they donate and put in do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Ingleton’s PTA was formed as a result of the acknowledgement and understanding that it is outside the classroom where social skills, self-confidence and friends are developed. The PTA supports Ingletone in enacting and bringing to life the school’s vision of a community and family dynamic. In addition to events and activities, as the main source of fundraising, the Parent, Teacher Association has raised and donated funds to help equip the school with the best and most up to date and innovative resources and learning material to enhance and ensure the best possible learning environment. These resources include books, supplies, and other learning materials to help support innovative and diverse teaching and learning styles and techniques.

The PTA is made up of both school staff and parents and guardians from within the community. There is no cost to join for the parents and friends of Ingleton students. The association is a great opportunity and way for parents to get involved, meet each other and to meet the teachers. It is a small time commitment with a major impact. The involvement in the PTA gives parents involvement and a say in their child’s education and experience at Ingleton. The Parent Teacher Association’s support and generosity is crucial to the success and functioning of the school and its community, and Ingleton is grateful for all that the PTA has and will do.