The School Council

41495d341f3c4c61a72e35331f9afaaa_1x1Like many other schools, Ingleton has a strong and active School Council that is composed of members of the school community. This council is another embodiement of Ingleton’s mission to create and maintain a positive, productive ,inclusive, and structured learning environment that fosters learning through self-expression, creativity and cooperation. School Council allows children to discover and use their voice and influence and to be the change they seek in their school. The group listens to and acts upon the e concerns, issues and feedback of the students.

Responsibility and self confidence are two key success factors for students. These are a qinning combination that are the key to good habits which develop into good behaviour. The School Council gives children a purpose and a voice, allowing them to have a say in their experience and to make school rewarding, fun and exactly what they want and need. Getting the most out of every day is a mantra that the school both believes in and carries out. Middle Schoolers can find themselves growing up and School council helps them transition into adults and understand the way that the world outside the classroom works. In addition to student specific benefits and motivations, the council helps create, develop and foster a student teacher relationship. The relationships built through school council help create a heightened and strengthened level of trust and mutual respect. The relationships become deeper and more personal, and thus students and teachers are better able to interact and learn from each other.

The council hosts regular meetings which follow an agenda . The Chair is the leader and there are various student representatives present as well. The issues are discussed and solutions, suggestions and ideas are noted and action plans to enact them are created. The meetings help raise awareness of the school’s ongoings amongst peers and staff.