University Graduation Dress Codes Around the World

Academicals, or more recently known as Academic regalia is the traditional graduation dress that students, who have achieved a certain standard, wear on their graduation day. But it isn’t completely like what you see in Hollywood movies. When we think of graduation attire, we think of a sea of people wearing gowns and peculiar square caps, finishing the graduation ceremony by enthusiastically tossing their square caps high into the air with sheer glee. But did you know that a lot of countries do not conform to this particular dress code? There are some surprisingly unique and beautiful graduation dress codes across the world.

shutterstock_174215792Different graduation dress across the world

When you search schools online you will be faced with many different school cultures, environments and uniforms. Did you know that in Japan when women graduate, they were beautiful robes adorned with embroidered flowers? In Italy, before the students protested, only professors wore academia gowns. However as of the 90’s, they have become increasingly popular and are worn by professors and students alike. Usually they are worn by phD students during graduation ceremonies, and they are hemmed with the colour of their faculty. In Thailand however, graduates not only have their own traditional graduation attire but also westernised graduation robes and caps.

Beautifully different graduation attire

Graduation academia in each country is beautifully unique in its own way. They all represent their countries educational culture in different ways, some having a military background and others dating back to ancient times when universities were first being established. For many countries graduation ceremonies and what they represent, are an important part of university culture and ritual. Honoring the hard efforts and determination of the staff and students alike. It is the final celebration and acknowledgement that all have succeeded in creating the next generation of leaders. It is a tradition that has existed for many centuries.